At DSTV Johannesburg we get asked the same questions frequently, hope this list of FAQ will be helpful, if not feel free to contact us with your questions we will be happy to answer them.

How long will it take to install my new DSTV?

At DSTV Johannesburg we strive to stick to our one day install service. We will ensure that your DSTV is installed within one working day if not a few hours.

My DSTV keeps saying no signal, how much will it cost to fix this problem?

There are many things that can affect the reception of your DSTV signal. In most cases this is caused by a satellite dish that has not been properly positioned.

I am not available during the week, can you install my DSTV on the weekends?

Yes, we offer customers the opportunity to have their DSTV installed on the weekends and including holidays.

Will you buy everything on my behalf from Decoder to Satellite Dish?

Yes, it will take one call only to find out which DSTV package you would like and we will then purchase everything on your behalf and deliver it for installation as well. You will have to sign the MultiChoice’s DSTV subscription contract in order to activate your DSTV sservices.

Is there exra cost for requesting your services on weekends and or holidays?

Yes, we charge a small fee depending on your location. Customers who are based in and around Johannesburg receive discounts depending on the type of service they are looking for.

I saw you offer DSTV emergency services, how does it take for you to make repairs via yur emergency services?

It will depend on what requires repairs and the time of the repair. We have all the tools and equipment needed t make all types of repairs but if you need a new part to be replaced, you may have to wait for the next day if the service was requested at night.