About Us

DSTV Johannesburg

Specialists in DSTV Services

DSTV Johannesburg is a company formed by DSTV accreditted technicians who are also formally qualified as electrical technicians. The company was founded on the grounds of providing DSTV technicians who can always be trusted for reliable long lasting services.

We provide the most competitive prices, longested guarantees and easy access to our experienced technicians who are available in and around Johannesburg.

DSTV Experts

Since the company was formed alongside MultiChoice, we have strived to be constantly in touch with MultiChoice and we have built a relationship that allows us to be updated on the first products and services coming from MultiChoice.

We have thus aimed to become DSTV experts in the following:

  • DSTV Installations:- We take pride in providing same day DSTV installations that will ensure that you can enjoy your favourite shows by the end of the day.
  • DSTV Repairs:- Everything starts to break at some point. We are here to ensure that whenever your DSTV starts acting funny you can call us at anytime to arrange a date where we will sort it out.
  • DSTV Upgrades:- With the wide selection of DSTV subscriptions you may need to upgrade to the latest and greatest decoders and features. We will ensure that you get a cost-effective upgrade and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

As experts in the DSTV industry we have always looked for ways to improve our services and we have now created affordable services for all our customers across the greater Johannesburg region, customers can now access:

  • DSTV Relocation Services
  • DSTV Satellite Dish Best Signal Positioning
  • DSTV Emergency Services

DSTV Johannesburg we have the very best of DSTV installers who are always eager to provide you with DSTV services you can afford, trust and enjoy. Get a hold of our friendly customer care team today for more information on our DSTV expert services.